Lean tools

One of my favorite parts about lean is sharing. Here are my lean tools. Please use them for yourself and spread lean culture!

Lean is the practice of seeing waste everywhere and most importantly in ourselves. 

The 8 Wastes of Construction:
1.    Over production.
        -installing too many fasteners 
2.    Defects.
        -installing an assembly that fails
3.    Transportation.
        -making more trips than necessary
4.    Over processing.
        -adding more value than required
5.     Wasted motion.
        - tools and materials too far away.
6.     Waiting.
        -lack of planning or preparation
7.     Inventory.
        -ordering too much, left with too much
8.    Human Potential.
        - not listening to team mates and not acting on good ideas.

What is 3S and how does it keep us safe on the job site?

Sweep: Clear entire job site of dust, debris and hazards.

Sort: Move items related to the task at hand. *Think plywood scraps*

Standardize: Create systems and improvements that save at least 2 seconds per day. 

Criteria for making an improvement in order of importance:

1. Is this safe? Does this make our team safer?

2. Does this improve our quality? 

3. Does this simplify our process?

4. Does this make our work faster?